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Figure Skates

What a Difference the Correct Skate Makes!
This skate was purchased elsewhere and is obviously not the right skate. The model, size and fit simply won't work. The skates are too big and the skater is not supported.  Even though the blades have been moved in, the skater still cannot stand up straight.  It's easy to see this skater is going to struggle on the ice. Now fit with the proper skate by Houston Skate & Sports Orthotics Center, the skater is comfortable, has support, and is stable without the blades needing to be moved.  Not only will she will perform much better on the ice, she'll enjoy it more too!
Poor Fitting Skate Good Fitting Skate

Purchasing figure skates from Houston Skate & Sports Orthotics Center, a skater will experience more than just a typical shoe fitting to determine the right size skate they should buy.  When we perform professional skate fittings, everything we do is designed to help the skater to stay comfortable, avoid injury, perform at their best, and make them feel confident out on the ice with their new skates.

We take the time to discuss with every skater and/or parent what level, and how often they skate and A full foot assessment is performed to determine their foot shape and structure to determine the most ideal skate style.

Foot Asesssment Foot Assessment 2
Foot measurements are taken with specialized figure skating measurement tools. Extra growth room is taken into consideration for growing skaters. Measurement
Educate Skaters have the opportunity to try on different styles and models. We keep a large inventory of figure skates in stock. Taking time to educate the skater and parents on proper lacing and unlacing instructions is part of our job!
Dynamic blade alignments and fit assessments are made to ensure the most optimal fit. Alignment
Comfort Comfort adjustments can be made with our skate specific adjustment tools to ensure comfort.
Skates are sharpened before they leave for the rink. Sharpened
Happy Skater We make sure ALL skaters are happy!
Parents/Skaters are given instructions on how to take care of their skates and are invited to return if the skater has any problems or needs further adjustments.

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