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Orthotics for Sports and Everyday Life

All athletes need to keep their bodies strong and utilize the tools that are available to help them perform at their best. One of those tools that gets very little publicity, but can play a big role, are foot orthotics. In today’s society, orthotics are normally associated with someone who is being treated for foot problems, and although that is a big part of what orthotics are used for, they can also be an valuable asset for athletes.

What are Foot Orthotics and How Do They Work?

Foot orthotics, or simply “orthotics,” are specialized foot inserts worn in footwear that provide support to the foot and re-distribute the ground forces as they impact the body. Orthotics greatly assist in aligning the foot properly inside the shoe, which can reduce or eliminate faulty body mechanics. Correct foot placement promotes proper knee and hip alignment as well. With the knees and hips positioned over the foot, athletes’ balance, and even power can be improved. Potential injuries due to imbalanced body mechanics may also be minimized or avoided.

Houston Skate & Sports Orthotics Center offers a full gait evaluation and incorporates the Nolaro 24 foot typing guide that foot types each person to determine whether an off the shelf orthotic device or a custom orthotic would be the most beneficial.

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