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Off Ice Training Exercises

An Unconditioned Body = An Unconditioned Skater
A Strong Body = Strong Skater 
Strength and conditioning is a necessary component of an athlete's practice routine and is especially important for athletes in a sport like figure skating where there is so much impact exerted onto the body.  Below are links to muscle specific exercises to help the athlete improve their fitness and strength.

 Food for Thought: What if a skater enrolled in an off ice exercise program right when they started taking lessons and didn't wait until they were further along to start a conditioning program?  Clearly they should have better balance and body control, but by the time they were able to learn how to jump, they'd also be stronger and in better contiditon to handle the more difficult maneuvers.  Would off ice training and conditioning at the grassroots level cut down on the time it takes to learn the more difficult jumps such as the axel and higher level jumps?

Leg, Glute, and Hip  Exercises

Ab & Core Workout

Upper Body Workout


Off Ice Jumps


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