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Competition Checklist

Here's a checklist you may want to print and keep with you so you can refer to it when you are preparing for a test, competition or exihbition.  As extensive as this list may be, you may want to make your own list and add anything else you would like to take along with you.

1-2 Months Before Your Competition

  • Make sure your skates still fit and you are not in need of replacing them before your competition. Schedule a fit check with your skate fitter to be sure.

  • Order your skating dress or appropriate attire for each skating program.
  • Turn in your competition application.

  • Make hotel and travel arrangements.

  • Schedule practice ice time.

1-2 Weeks Before Your Competition

  • Sharpen your skates!!! Make it a priority at this time!!!

  • Change your laces. (Always a great idea before testing.)

  • Check your screws in your boots - make sure the blades are secure.

  • Purchase tights/socks. (Pack at least 1-2 extra pair.)

  • Purchase extra laces.

  • Polish or clean your boots.

  • Clean skate guards or get an extra set of skate guards.

  • Make sure you have 2-3 extra copies of your music for each program and that each copy is playable.

Day Before and the Day of Your Competition

  • Dresses, costumes, and other skating attire in designated garment bag. (Don't forget to take it with you).

  • Skates and clean skate guards.

  • Music

  • Competition program schedule (memorize the time you are scheduled to skate). Arrive 1-1.5 hours early or time coach requests you to arrive.

  • Tights, laces and hair accessories including heirspray.

  • Screwdriver for skates.

  • Make-up (if applicable).

  • First Aid Kit & sewing kit with scissors and buttons.

  • Water and Healthy snacks.

  • Extra cash.

  • Camera, video camera (fully charged).

  • Gloves, jacket, warm pants, small blanket, and change of clothes.

  • Coach's phone number.

  • Map of rink and hotel if traveling out of town.

  • Checkbook for any payment needed at the time of competition, including coach's fees.

  • Pick up your music at the end of event.

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